03/29/2023 – 04/28/2023
80%OFF sale at ORADA

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First >> tezos 1 work #8/10 listed on

xtz0001 Our usual green

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tezos 1 work minted.

xtz0024 Snow on the Roof and Icicles

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tezos 1 work minted.

xtz0023 One Winter Day

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tezos 10 works minted.

xtz0013 Rice field in November

xtz0014 Amur Corktree

xtz0015 Ginkgo Tree

xtz0016 The village

xtz0017 Maple Leaves

xtz0018 kaki

xtz0019 the One Tree  metadata title: 0019 the One Tree

xtz0020 Autumn almost over

xtz0021 Start of Winter

xtz0022 Start of Winter

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tezos 4 works minted.

xtz0009 Fir Tree

xtz0010 Trees in Autumn

xtz0011 Changing Leaves

xtz0012 The November Sky

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tezos 2 works minted.

xtz0007 Willow Tree

xtz0008 Wild Grapes

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tezos 6 works minted.

xtz0001 Our usual green

xtz0002 Landslide

xtz0003 Persimmon Tree

xtz0004 the Broken Tree

xtz0005 One Autumn Path

xtz0006 the Pine Tree

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ethereum 9 works minted.

0013 Amur Corktree

0014 Ginkgo Tree

0015 Ginkgo Tree

0016 The village

0017 The village

0018 Maple Leaves

0019 kaki

0020 the One Tree

0021 Start of Winter

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ethereum 11 works minted.

0002 Our usual green

0003 Persimmon Tree

0004 Persimmon Tree

0005 the Broken Tree

0006 the Pine Tree

0007 Willow Tree

0008 Wild Grapes

0009 Changing Leaves

0010 The November Sky

0011 Rice field in November

0012 Rice field in November

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First minted NFT.

 0001 Our usual green

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We have created a website to introduce NOJI’s NFT.

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Three new works from the Fascination Series 02 are now on sale.

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We have started selling NFT on the marketplace of ORADA Inc.